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Do not purchase software from this company. The sales team will lead you to believe it can do much more than it is capable of doing.

It seems they havent worked the bugs out of it even after many years and after having a bad experience I did some research and found many others in the same boat. My bad for not finding out earlier. After 6 months or trying to get the software and hardware we paid 17 grand for to work, we requested a refund and were more than willing to make a compromise. It was completely ignored and no one with any decision making power even contacted us.

Just a customer service rep.

Had to turn it over to the lawyer. Feel free to contact me and I'll tell you the whole story

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its easy to blame the software ... when often its the people who error ...

and hardware issues cannot be controlled by the company ... many reasons why things go wrong .. and asking for a refund ...just because you're not happy ... isn't reasonable ...

you need to work with the company and figure things out .. doesn't matter which software provider ...

I've had 4 in 25 yrs ... they get better ...but none are perfect

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